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Clover Town (クローバー タウン Kurōbā Taun) is where the Masters of Legal Guilds meet to have their regular meetings.


Localizations of clover and Oshibana

Clover and the nearest towns

Clover town is a rather small town situated in a mountainous area, surrounded by forests. It is best known for the fact that it is the place where Masters of Legal Guilds are gathered to discuss their guilds.[1] The town has experienced bad luck due to one of Zeref's demons, Lullaby, manifesting in the area.[2] There was minimal damage because it was soon defeated by Team Natsu. However, the building of meetings was razed to the ground.[3]


Clover is shown to be located in a rather mountainous setting[1] in the southeastern part of Fiore, near the neighboring nation of Bosco. A railway connects Clover town to a series of other towns such as Oshibana and Magnolia Town.[4]


Locations in East Forest
GuildMasters meeting house
Guild Meeting Building

Trivia Edit

  • Clover is the name of a genus of flowering plants, matching the theme of Fiore (Italian word for "flower") and some of its other cities.


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