Clear Heart Clothing (清心の衣 Seishin no Koromo)[1] is one of Erza Scarlet's requipable garments.


This outfit is primarily red with some gold, black and white. The outfit consists of a white sarashi round the upper chest and a red hakama with a gold flame-like pattern at the bottom with black highlights, tied by white strings. Erza's hair is tied up in a high tail at the back by a green headband.[2]

Special Features

No defensive properties: Erza has described this outfit as just normal clothes without any special properties. As her armors represented the walls around her heart, donning these clothes represented Erza opening her heart and breaking down the walls she'd built up to protect herself. While in this outfit, she discards defense, instead focusing primarily on offense. [3]



Erza empowering her Demon Blade Crimson Sakura

  • Katanas: This armor comes equipped with a pair of double edged, golden hilted katanas.[4]
  • Demon Blade Crimson Sakura (妖刀紅桜 Yōtō Benisakura): A sword wherein Erza focuses all her Magic Power into the blade for maximum offense.[5]


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