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Trump Card is the 505th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Opposed by the Scarlet Despair herself, she goes to enchant the entire battlefield's soldiers that go on a rampage upon the Fairy Tail Mages. Seeing his children being brutally overwhelmed, Makarov decides to use Fairy Law to abolish the creatures, however with the price of his life being taken in the midst of it.



Berserker soldiers begin their rampage

Beholding the battlefield from upstairs, in a high hill where the guild is now located, Irene cast her spell, Berserker, upon all the Alvarez soldiers currently engaged in battle against the Fairy Tail members. Her spell changes their appearance into an overall macabre and monstrous sight, as well as enhances their strength and battle skills, even though, according to Irene herself, the spell takes away the ability of rational thought from those upon whom it is bestow. After doing so, she taunts Mavis, asking her what would be her next move now. The improved soldiers start their assault against Fairy Tail, being able to even push Erza away with a single blow. Perceiving their chances of winning getting more and more slim, Makarov states his journey is reaching its end. Then, he makes a stance with his hands and near Fairy Tail members, such as Laki Olietta and Vijeeter Ecor, state he is going to cast Fairy Law. Their morale raises when they realize it will finish with the battle for good. However, Mavis shows up and orders Makarov to not cast the spell, once Fairy Law diminishes the caster's lifespan: the more enemies must be put down with Fairy Law, the shorter the lifespan will be.

Makarov's last Fairy Law

Makarov's final move

Makarov pushes aside her admonishment, declaring he can't see his children's blood be split any longer, thus he have to use Fairy Law in order to prevent their deaths. Mavis begins to say that she has a plan, to which Makarov replies violently, demanding her to stop talking, once he has made up his mind and he is convinced that, if, by his sacrifice, he will be able to grant his children the possibility of a future, then he is more than willing to go forward with it. Then, Erza proceeds to beg him to not cast Fairy Law, once he will die if he does so, and she states they will come back to the guild together. Makarov advises her to stay forever together with her comrades, so that it will always be hope of a future. Other Fairy Tail members, such as Max Alors, Macao Conbolt, Warren Rocko and Wakaba Mine, as well as Mavis and Erza, start crying over their master's imminent demise. After all said and done, Makarov cast Fairy Law, lighting up all the battlefield and the vicinity, reaching even farther members, such as Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Juvia, Wendy, Gajeel and Mirajane. His spell is so mighty that it has even been able to bewilder both August and Irene, the strongest mages of the Spriggan 12. After the spell has been performed, the entirety of the one-million-soldiers Alvarez's army lies on the ground, seemingly dead. Erza, profusely crying, lets her sword drop from her hands and stares at the petrified corpse of her master.

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