Human Law is 48th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

While watching over the injured Shadow Gear members, Lucy recalls their first meeting and swears that she won't forgive the perpetrators of Shadow Gear's attack. Meanwhile, Fairy Tail arrives at Phantom Lord's guild building and engages in a fight with the present members, quickly gaining the upper hand. However, back in Magnolia Town, Lucy is captured by two members of the Element 4, Juvia and Sol.


Angry Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail at the Phantom Lord guild, ready to fight

While the rest of Fairy Tail's members has left to aid in the attack against Phantom Lord, Lucy is left behind to tend to the wounded, and remembers the first time she met Levy. She recalls that they clicked instantly; they were such good friends that Lucy promised to her that she would be the first to read her novel. She is angry at whomever attacked Shadow Gear, and promises no forgiveness to the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, at Phantom Lord's guild in Oak Town, Fairy Tail arrives, ready to fight Phantom Lord. Natsu destroys the door and the battle officially begins. Fairy Tail quickly gains the upper hand, although Gajeel, Jose and the Element 4 are nowhere to be found.

Lucy is walking to her home when rain suddenly starts to fall. A mysterious woman named Juvia appears and introduces herself. A French man named Sol discloses to Lucy that he and Juvia has come to kidnap her. Lucy draws her Celestial Spirit Keys, but Juvia immobilizes her using her Water Lock. Lucy, unable to call upon her Celestial Spirits, drops her Celestial Spirit Keys, and soon loses consciousness due to the lack of air.

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  • Magic Cards
  • Magic Ring
  • Sword


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