My Sword is the 431st chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

As Gray, Natsu and Lucy are fighting the Avatar cultists, the rest decides to join the battle. Meanwhile, Erza is leading an assault on her own, being stronger than ever before.


Earth Wave

Lucy knocks out many Avatar members

As Gray and Natsu are fighting the Avatar cultists, Lucy, along with Taurus, joins them, using her whip to cause a massive earthquake, receiving the power from Taurus Form Star Dress. As she defeats a good number of them, one of them tries to attack her from behind, only to end up being frozen by Gray. The latter then attacks with Ice-Make: Ice Geyser, albeit on a much bigger scale. Natsu uses the opportunity and climbs his ice creation, jumping off of it upon finishing, causing a massive damage on landing. He then proceeds by using his Fire Dragon's Roar.

Elsewhere, the main Avatar group is impressed by the team's immense power, deciding to immediately enter the fray. Meanwhile, Erza is leading an assault to the enemies. As they try to bring her down, Erza dodges the attack, subsequently requipping into her new armor, attacking with many blades at once. As she defeats them, Jerome suddenly appears, attacking with his Dark Sword and effectively corroding one of Erza's blades. As the latter explains the sword's corroding capabilities, Erza swiftly counterattacks, defeating him immediately as a result.

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Battles & EventsEdit

Magic, Spells, and Abilities usedEdit

Magic usedEdit

Spells usedEdit

Abilities usedEdit

  • Whipmanship
  • Earth Wave (アースウェイブ Āsu Weibu)
  • Axemanship
  • Swordsmanship
  • Flight

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