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Orochi's Fin is the 422nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Wendy and Sherria go to find the one controlling the monsters, while Natsu pursues them, angry that Happy was taken. The Sky Sisters soon locate Orochi's Fin and begin fighting them just as Lamia Scale and Lucy fight back in the town. Wendy, Sherria and Carla pressure them until Bluenote Stinger appears, now an affiliate of Orochi's Fin. He quickly defeats both of them and prepares to kill Sherria before she is rescued by Natsu.


As Lamia Scale's battle against Orochi's Fin continues, the Sky Sisters, Carla and Happy head an aerial assault on their opponents in an attempt to take out their Monster Tamer. But, despite Wendy's warnings, Sherria begins to get ahead of herself in her efforts to locate their target. During their battle, Wendy smells a familiar scent.

Regulus Lucy Kick

Lucy fights the monsters

Back in Margaret Town, Natsu heads after the two girls in order to retrieve Happy, scattering all monsters that get in his way. Lamia Scale defend the town with Lucy's help.

Wendy and Sherria's battle also proceeds quite well and Sherria finally spots Orochi's Fin's Monster Tamer, but has to be saved from an attack by Wendy. A mysterious man standing beside the Monster Tamer then enters the battle, stating that he has met Wendy before. Using his Magic to crush the mountain and bring everybody on it to their feet, friend and foe alike, he reveals himself to be Bluenote Stinger and prepares to kill Sherria. But Natsu arrives there in the nick of time, picking up Sherria and remaining upright even under the influence of Bluenote's Magic.

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