Bye-Bye Fairy Tail is the 197th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Mystogan "defeats" the Great Demon-Lord Dragneel just as the Magic of Edolas completely disappears. Aside from the Magic, the Earth Land Mages and the Exceeds are sent to Earth Land as well. With the Magic gone, Mystogan takes his position as the prince and urges the people to live on without Magic.


Mystogan kicks Natsu

Mystogan vs. The Great Demon-Lord Dragneel

Mystogan runs towards The Great Demon-Lord Dragneel and tells him to not get involved in the situation. He plans to use his Sleep Magic to stop him but fails when the Anima sucks the Magic out of his stave. Natsu then begins to fight a Magic-less Mystogan, destroying buildings to make himself seem like the villain, forcing Mystogan to go along with the plan of making him seem like the hero so he can lead Edolas. They fight as the people cheer the prince on. As they fight, Natsu and Mystogan recite the rules for leaving the guild together. They are to never release information about the guild that will harm it, they are not to call on allies for their personal needs, and they are to never forget the friends they love. Mystogan then "defeats" the Great Demon Lord.

Mystogan leads his people

Mystogan as the new King

Just then the Reverse Anima starts taking effect. Natsu's body, along with everyone else from Earth Land, start going up into the sky as they leave with the Magic of Edolas. The Exceed also go with them. On their way, Gray tells the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild that they don't need Magic to be a guild, as long as they are together, they still will be. Meanwhile, Erza Scarlet says a kind, final farewell to her counterpart, Erza Knightwalker. All of Edolas then watch as everyone from Earth Land, and the Exceed leave. Panther Lily and Mystogan smile at each other and Mystogan raises his staff and declares that humans will live on without Magic. Nobody knows what happened to the people of Edolas after, but supposedly, they all lived their lives to the fullest.

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