Ice Boy is the 185th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Gray continues his pursuit of Sugarboy and learns that the key controls the Dragon Chain Cannon. He then catches up to him and defeats him, destroying the key in the process, much to Sugarboy's surprise as the key can be used to turn the Fairy Tail Mages back to normal. However, Gray reveals the power of an Ice-Make Mage as he creates an identical copy of the key.


Gray in pursuit

Gray in pursuit

Gray, on a motorcycle, follows a gliding Sugarboy who had snatched the key from Coco. Sugarboy then uses his Rosa Espada to soften the floor, trapping Lucy, Natsu and Coco under the defeated Byro. Luckily, Gray manages to avoid it and continues his pursuit. Gray then asks Sugarboy what the key is, Sugarboy replies that it controls the Dragon Chain Cannon but refuses to say anymore. Gray, however, figures out what it is. Gray then uses his Ice-Make: Floor to stop Sugarboy. Sugarboy uses his sword to change the ice to water, but Gray knows that Sugarboy's Magic only softens the ice, not take away its slippery property. Sugarboy then slides straight to a pillar and stands up to fight Gray seriously.

Seven Slice Dance

Gray's Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance

Gray then manages to get hold of the key and freeze it by using the motorcycle he was riding as a diversion. Gray then explains to Sugarboy that he does not need the key but they do and attempts to destroy the key. Sugarboy uses his Magic to unfreeze the ice but Gray manages to freeze it again until a crack appears on the key. Sugarboy then asks Gray to stop, saying that they both need the key because they can fire the Dragon Chain Cannon directly to the Lacrima. Gray says that they do not need the cannon since they have Gajeel, Natsu, and Wendy. Sugarboy says that they would not have enough time to convert all of Fairy Tail and Magnolia by tomorrow. He continues to say that only several people will be saved and the remaining would die. Gray does not listen to him and, saying that he will not give Sugarboy the key, destroys it and defeats Sugarboy with his finishing technique, Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance.

A defeated Sugarboy falls and asks Gray why he destroyed the key. Gray then reveals that he is a Mage that molds ice, and that he can make anything out of it. He then shows him that he has created an identical copy of the key.

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