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For the Pride of the Great Celestial River is the 184th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Lucy battles Byro but Byro's Octopus Liquid gives him the upper hand. Luckily, Virgo gives Lucy the extending whip, Fleuve d'étoiles, that allows her to immobilize Byro just as Natsu arrives and defeats him and Hughes. Sugarboy then appears and snatches the key from Coco as Gray follows him.


Thinking that her keys are being targeted by Byro, Lucy summons Taurus who comments on her looks as usual before charging towards Byro. However, Byro easily defeats him with his Magic. He then proceeds to attack Lucy but Lucy then recovers and summons Virgo, who punches Byro and uses her Spica Hole. Coco is impressed with Lucy and is debating about whether or not to give the Dragon key to her.

However, before she can decide, Byro suddenly emerges as a deformed giant octopus and captures Coco. Lucy tells Virgo to do something, but Virgo thinks that there is nothing she can do. Byro, even though he has already captured Coco, doesn't leave and continues to attack Lucy. Virgo then throws a whip to Lucy, explaining that it is the Fleuve d'étoiles, an extending whip that came from the Celestial Spirit World. Lucy tries to use it but fails and is hit again by Byro.

Byro is defeated by Lucy

Byro all tied up because of Lucy's trick

Lucy then realizes that Virgo knew that she has depleted her Magic Power because of her continuously summoning Celestial Spirits and that was the reason that she gave her the whip. Inspired, Lucy manages to control the whip and tie up Byro's tentacles, immobilizing him. Natsu then arrives by punching Hughes through a wall and ends up defeating Byro as well.

Coco is impressed with Natsu and Lucy and offers them the key, explaining what it is and saying that she cares more for her friends than Magic. Just as Lucy and Natsu are about to take the key, however, Sugarboy, gliding on the floor, arrives and snatches it. Gray then arrives and follows Sugarboy on a motorcycle.

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Magic, Spells, and Abilities usedEdit

Magic usedEdit

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Weapons usedEdit

  • Labrys
  • Fleuve d'étoiles (星の大河(エトワールフルーグ) Etowāru Furūgu)

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