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Monster Academy is the 183rd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

When Byro presents the key of the Dragon Chain Cannon to Faust, Coco, afraid for Panther Lily's life, takes it and runs off. Meanwhile, Natsu and Lucy continue their battle with Hughes with Lucy running off because of his monsters. She later runs into Coco and prepares to battle Byro.


Byro tells the King how to use the Dragon Slayer's Magic Power. He then gives the King the key that will allow him to control the Dragon Slayer energy when suddenly, Coco arrives and informs them that Panther Lily is on the Lacrima Island. Upon hearing that Panther Lily being on the island would not stop them from destroying Extalia, Coco takes the key and runs for it even though she was injured by the King's blast. She is determined to not let Panther Lily die. The King orders Byro to capture her and bring back the key.

Sexy Lucy

Lucy trying to seduce Hughes

Meanwhile, Natsu and Lucy find themselves inside a monster academy. After playing with the coffin that changes outfits, Natsu and Lucy hear Hughes coming but Natsu suddenly gets an idea. When Hughes arrives, Lucy appears in a sexy outfit and tries to seduce him. However, Hughes ignores her and uses his Magic to control the monsters to attack Lucy. Natsu, knowing that there isn't any other choice, decides to attack Hughes head on. Hughes uses a mummy to tie up Natsu, but Natsu easily burns the wrappings and attacks. Hughes then uses a Frankenstein to smash Natsu but Natsu is able to counter the attack. Hughes then uses his Magic to summon all the monsters who were pursuing Lucy and uses them to attack Natsu. Upon seeing Natsu's anger, the monsters retreats and Hughes sees a real monster right in front of him.

Meanwhile, Lucy runs into Coco who is carrying the key. Lucy asks who she is and about her injury. Suddenly, Byro arrives demanding that they hand over the key. Lucy misunderstands him and thinks that he is trying to take her Celestial Spirit Gate Keys. She then prepares to fight him.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Byro
  2. Faust
  3. Coco
  4. Natsu Dragneel
  5. Lucy Heartfilia
  6. Hughes

Battles & EventsEdit

Magic, Spells, and Abilities usedEdit

Magic usedEdit

Spells usedEdit

Abilities usedEdit

Weapons usedEdit

Items usedEdit

  • Command Tact (コマンドタクト Komando Takuto)
  • Method Actor Box (なりきり役者(アクター)ボックス Narikiri Akutā Bokkusu)


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