Extalia is the 176th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu, Wendy and Lucy are thrown into prison while Happy and Carla wake up in the floating island of Extalia. The two are referred to as Exceeds and learn the truth about their mission: to bring the Dragon Slayers to Edolas.


Natsu's anger

Natsu's anger

After being thrown into a cell by Hughes, Wendy and Natsu immediately asks for the whereabouts of their friends. Hughes explains that Lucy had been separated and would most likely be executed while Happy and Carla, the Exceeds, are going to be returned to their native land and given a reward for completing their mission, but Wendy doesn't believe him.

Happy and Carla walking through Extalia

Happy and Carla arrive at Extalia

Meanwhile, Happy and Carla wake up in an unknown room and are greeted by two Exceeds, Extalia Captain of the Imperial Guards, Nichiya and Extalia Minister of State, Nadi. They ask Happy and Carla to follow them to the Queen. The two reluctantly follows but Happy promises Carla that he will protect her. While walking towards the kingdom, Nadi explains that they are not cats, they are Exceeds that rule over and guide the humans. Nadi and Nichiya then continues to explain that the queen is followed by the humans because she is a god.

We are not your puppets

Happy's defiance

While on their way, Happy asks about their mission and Carla explains that her mission was to obliterate Wendy. Happy cannot believe what he is hearing and realizes that his mission was to kill Natsu. Carla tells him to calm down, and she asks why they were told that they have completed their mission when Wendy and Natsu are still alive. Nadi then explains. Six years ago, 100 Exceed eggs were sent to Earth Land with the mission to destroy the Dragon Slayers. But because of the Anima's creation, they're mission was modified to capture the Dragon Slayers instead since their Magic was needed by the Royal Kingdom. Carla, upon hearing Nadi's story, collapses to the ground. She then says that she came to Edolas on her own accord but Nadi says that she was only carrying out an order and that all her actions were because of the orders. As Carla continues to cry out of despair, Happy steps in front of her and angrily yells at the Exceeds, telling them that they are not their puppets, they are members of Fairy Tail.

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