The Power of Emotion is the 160th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu has already activated Dragon Force and his power is now increasing. He now thinks that he can win with this power and resumes his battle with Zero. Meanwhile, the remaining members of the Allied Forces get ready to destroy their designated Lacrima in order to stop Nirvana.


Natsu has fully activated Dragon Force, causing his skin to become scaly and his Magic Power to increase significantly. Knowing that he can now win, he viciously attacks Zero, resuming the battle.

With five minutes left before Nirvana fires upon Cait Shelter once again, Lucy and Happy can barely walk to Lacrima #3. Happy asks Lucy if she can go on, to which she replies that she may not be able to. She has no more Magic Power left, but she has no intention of letting her friends down. So she keeps on walking towards the Lacrima. Suddenly, Gemini, who are inspired by her will to never give up, arrive in front of Lucy. The two say that they will help Lucy to destroy the Lacrima by mimicking her.

Flames of emotion

Natsu's flames of emotion

Meanwhile, a very delighted Zero and the Dragon Force powered Natsu battle it out, with Zero using some of his most powerful attacks such as Dark Delete and Dark Gravity along with his previously used attacks such as Dark Capriccio. Following the use of Dark Gravity (which increases the gravitational force surrounding Natsu and sends him plummeting through the floor), Natsu and Zero take their battle to a lower level of Nirvana.

Meanwhile, only with three minutes remaining before Nirvana is set to fire, the others prepare to destroy their respective Lacrima to prevent that from happening.

Back to Natsu, Zero seems to have gained the upperhand and begins mocking him about his lack of mastery of the Dragon Force. Natsu stands up and tells Zero that he can sense his friends feelings and hope which gives him the power and to fight. He then uses his Dragon Slayer's Secret Art: Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade, while Zero uses his ultimate attack: Genesis Zero. The two attacks clash and cause an explosion.

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