Zero is the 156th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Zero the fearful and sadistic personality of Brain is awakened. He defeats Natsu, Lucy, Gray and Happy quickly and states that his reign of destruction will begin with Cait Shelter.


Natsu attacked by Klodoa

Natsu attacked by Klodoa

Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy are engaging Brain's Staff Klodoa in battle. The staff manages to hold off the gang until it suddenly realizes that Midnight has fallen. He begins trembling in fear and mutters that "he" is coming. When questioned by Natsu and co. he explains in fear that Brain has another personality; a fearful, sadistic personality named Zero, who loves to destroy anything and everything. He goes on to explain that due to the uncontrollable nature of this personality, Brain had it sealed away using Organic Link Magic, which was linked to the members of the Oración Seis and would stop working if the members were to fall.

Zero awakaned

Zero awakened

Suddenly, Zero arrives with red eyes and pale skin. Klodoa immediately begins groveling at Zero's feet, calling him "Master Zero". Zero then addresses himself as the guild master of Oración Seis and tells Natsu and co. that he will destroy them for the mess they made of "his" guild. He then decides to take care of the unconscious Jura first for attacking Brain's body, Gray attempts to shield him but fails and is defeated. An angry Natsu charges at Zero but is also defeated easily while Lucy and Happy tremble with fear and Zero is able to attack them effortlessly, defeating the team.

After beating Natsu and co. He decides not to finish them right now and goes back to King's Podium. Klodoa then informs him that they are approaching Cait Shelter in awhile and that, following it's destruction, there will be no one left to seal Nirvana ever again. This is scoffed at by Zero, calling it a waste of time, following which he destroys Klodoa. He then states that his only wish is to destroy and that his reign of destruction will begin from Cait Shelter.

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