Jura the Tenth Saint is the 152nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Although Jura successfully defeats Brain, Hoteye finds himself fighting an illusion and is defeated by Midnight. As Nirvana closes in on the Cait Shelter Guild, Natsu and the others vow to save the guild, no matter what. Meanwhile, Midnight continues his hunt.


Brain defeated by Jura

Jura defeats Brain

The battle between Brain and Jura continues. Brain attacks with his Dark Rondo and Dark Capriccio spells but Jura is able to counter them with his Iron Rock Walls. Jura then uses his Supreme King Rock Crush to defeat the Dark Guild Master who falls into unconsciousness, thinking about the possibility of "him" waking. After the battle, Wendy and Carla arrive and are delighted to see Cobra and Brain defeated. Their happiness soon fades as Carlas points out that Nirvana is still moving, even with Brain defeated. The group then decides to head to the King's Podium.

Elsewhere, Midnight reveals to Hoteye that he was casting an illusion. He then dispels it and appears unscathed, much to Hoteye's surprise. He then proceeds to soundly defeat Hoteye after telling him that he has surpassed his father's magical prowess and that no Magic can harm him. Brain realizes that five of the six Óracion Seis members have fallen, and wishes for Midnight to not be defeated.

Natsu vows victory

Natsu vows victory

Meanwhile, Natsu's group arrives at the King's Podium to see that no one is controlling it and wonders how to stop it. Seeing Natsu's state, Wendy tries to cure him, thinking that he is suffering from being poisoned. However, Happy tells her that Natsu gets motion sickness, prompting Wendy to cast the spell Troia, curing him. A cured Natsu then dances about in glee, before being reminded of the dire situation they're in. Wendy begins crying after remembering her soon-to-be-destroyed Guild. Natsu then vows to Wendy that he will stop Nirvana, no matter what. Meanwhile, Midnight, who controls Nirvana, continues his hunt.

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