You Are Free is the 146th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

When Sherry, who has turned evil, is about to attack Natsu and Lucy, Lyon shows up and frees her from the effects of Nirvana. Meanwhile, Erza reveals Jellal's past to him, causing him to feel remorse. This subsequently leads to him casting a Square of Self-Destruction on himself and Nirvana, planning to destroy himself along with Nirvana.


Jellal, not knowing who Erza is, attacks her but Erza seems to be unaffected by the attack. The confused Jellal tells her not to come closer but Erza reveals to him who she is, as well as his past: his plans to resurrect the dead, destroying the council, and killing Simon. Hearing her words, Jellal cannot believe what he has done and breaks down into tears.

Lyon is alive

Lyon survives the explosion

Elsewhere, Lucy wakes up and discovers that Virgo has treated her injuries and given her new clothes to wear. Virgo also gave Natsu new clothes. Virgo then disappears and goes back to the Celestial Spirit World, causing Lucy to realize that she lost all her Magic Power and that Virgo came through the gate by herself. Suddenly, Sherry comes out of the forest and attempts to attack Natsu and Lucy to avenge Lyon. However, Gray appears and stops her right in her tracks, pinning her to the ground. As she struggles, Lyon appears, heavily injured but very much alive. Seeing him, Sherry calms down and is freed from the effects of Nirvana.

At the same time, Cobra reveals himself to Jellal and Erza. Knowing that Jellal has lost his memories, he questions him as to how he was able to find and unseal Nirvana. Jellal explains that Nirvana is a dangerous Magic and that he unsealed it to completely destroy it. He then reveals that he already cast a Square of Self-Destruction both to it and himself, planning to free Erza from the pain he has caused.

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