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Pretty Voice is the 144th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The battle between Celestial Spirits continues but Lucy seems to be fighting an uphill battle as her spirits fall one after another. However, when her love for her spirits is seen by Hibiki, he transfers Urano Metria to her, enabling her to finally defeat the sadistic Angel.


Leo and Aries are attacked by Caelum

Caelum attacks Loke and Aries

Seeing Aries, Lucy asks Angel how she was able to obtain Karen's spirit. Angel reveals that she was the one who killed her, much to Lucy and Hibiki's surprise. Lucy, knowing about Loke and Aries' relationship, attempts to close Loke's gate. Loke, however, stops her, having decided that he will fight Aries for the pride of being a Celestial Spirit. Aries also decides to fight but is easily outclassed by the combat specialist Loke. Seeing her spirit losing, Angel summons another spirit, Caelum, and orders it to attack. Aries and Loke are grievously injured by its attack and forced to return to the spirit world. As they go back, Aries says that she is happy to know that Loke found a great owner.

Gemini stops the attack

Gemini stops

An angry Lucy calls her last trump card, Taurus. However, Taurus is defeated by Angel's Gemini impersonating Lucy and using her body to distract him. This leaves Lucy without a spirit and drained of Magic. She falls and Gemini continues to attack her using Caelum. Drained both physically and magically, Lucy begs Angel to release Aries but Angel laughs at her request and orders Gemini to finish her. However, Gemini, having looked into Lucy's heart, is unable to kill Lucy who loves spirits with all her heart. Angered, Angel closes Gemini's gate and prepares to kill Lucy herself.

However, Hibiki suddenly approaches Lucy from behind and Angel concludes that he was affected by Nirvana, seeing him put his hands on Lucy's neck. However, Hibiki is still himself and uses his Magic to transfer information to Lucy, enabling her to cast Urano Metria. Lucy attacks Angel with the new found attack and the Dark Mage falls to the water, defeated.

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