The Girl and the Ghosts is the 137th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

After defeating Oración Seis' underlings, the members of the Allied Forces continue their search for Wendy and Happy. Natsu, Gray and Carla are the first to reach the hideout but are ambushed by Racer. As Gray fights the speed Mage, Natsu and Carla enter the hideout and are stunned by what they see.


With the Dark Guild blocking their way, Natsu and Gray begin to fight them. They easily dispatch most of the members, leaving only Gatô and Zatô.

Brain attacks Jellal

Brain injures Jellal

Meanwhile, Wendy is faced with Jellal. Happy reminds her of the horrors he committed, but Brain reminds Wendy that she owes him her life. Wendy is paralyzed, unable to do anything. In order to motivate her, Brain fakes an attack on Jellal. Wendy tells him to stop, and Brain attacks her with Klodoa, making her fall to the ground. Happy continues to mention Jellal's evil actions, but Wendy, still inconsolable, doesn't believe what Happy is saying. She asks for more time to think, while Happy prays for Natsu to get there soon.

Natsu and Gray are victorious

Natsu and Gray victorious

After an exhausting battle, Natsu and Gray manage to defeat Gatô and Zatô. Natsu demands more information, but his opponents refuse to tell him anything. Elsewhere, Ren and Eve defeat the Dark Unicorn Guild and also demand information while Jura, Sherry and Lyon learn about the base's location from the defeated members of Red Hood. Jura then senses a fearful power approaching him and his comrades, so he tells them to continue the search as while he stays behind to delay the enemy. Meanwhile, Ichiya has been defeated and captured. However, he continues to rant about his strength and abilities to his hostage takers as they take him to Angel.

Meanwhile, Natsu, Gray and Carla approach Brain's hideout. Racer is set after them, while Happy is incapacitated by Brain. Brain orders Wendy to heal Jellal, while Carla and Natsu leave Gray to fight Racer. The Dragon Slayer and the Exceed enter the hideout and are shocked by what they see.

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  • Sword
  • Magic Shotgun
  • Dagger


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