Coffin is the 136th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

The Allied Forces splits up to find Wendy. They run into several Dark Guilds while searching. Meanwhile, Brain forces Wendy to resurrect Jellal.


Deep into the forest, there is a place which is used by the Oración Seis as their base of operations. The Dark Guild arrives, and Brain orders Wendy to heal someone. The members of the group do not understand the plan at first, but after he mentions Nirvana, everybody understands his plan. Brain, preparing for the worst, sends Hoteye, Cobra and Angel to look for Nirvana, while Racer is sent to get the unknown person. Happy demands to know what Nirvana is, and Brain answers that is “Magic that switches Light and Darkness”.

Meanwhile, the allied force splits up. Lucy and Hibiki are left behind to guard Erza. Hibiki decides to do so because he can easily assist the others on their path. Lucy is not confident in her skills, but Hibiki, being a gentleman, compliments her.


Gray, Natsu and Carla are ambushed by Naked Mummy

The next group is composed of Gray, Natsu and Carla. The latter tells Natsu the reason why Wendy agreed to go on this mission, which is to find out about Grandeeney, the Sky Dragon. While looking for Wendy and Happy, they run into a patch of dark woods where the Dark Guild Naked Mummy stands. They declare war, and Natsu and Gray gladly accept, much to Carla's frustration. Elsewhere, Ren and Eve are ambushed by Dark Unicorn, while Jura, Lyon and Sherry meet with the Red Hood guild. Ichiya, now separated from the others, stands against a Dark Guild alone.

Racer Carrying Jellal's Container

Racer bringing Jellal's coffin

Racer returns with a coffin in his hands. He thinks the transportation took too much time, but Brain commends him. He releases the chains of the coffin, revealing that inside lays none other than Jellal Fernandes. Wendy has an odd response to this sight, and Brain reminds her that he is Jellal: the man who saved her life.

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