Satan's Halo is the 117th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Natsu and Gajeel attempt to find Laxus somewhere within the city to put an end to his game. Meanwhile, Mirajane reawakens her dormant powers and engages Freed.


With Levy having overwritten Freed's runes, Natsu and Gajeel are thus free to leave the guild's headquarters. They decide to split up and search for Laxus. While searching, Gajeel has a conversation with someone, and he responds that for the time being his mission is to gain the Fairy Tail members' trust as a "comrade", to stay loyal to them, and not to get discovered. He also adds that Fairy Tail's punishment will come soon.

Mirajane's Satan Soul (Manga)

Mirajane unleashing Satan Soul

Elfman and Mirajane unknowingly enter Cana and Freed's battlefield and watch as she gets defeated. Elfman intervenes, but Freed, deeming him defeated since he lost the battle with Evergreen, uses his Magic to torture him. Mirajane watches, feeling useless, and begs Freed to stop. Freed doesn't listen and uses his final move, Dark Écriture: Death, which scares Mirajane into a state of shock. As she remembers the final moments of Lisanna's life, her Magic Power reawakens in a blast of light.

The ground around her crumbles and the rocks nearby levitate as Mirjane undergoes a transformation. In her new form, she charges at Freed, who uses his wings to try to evade it, but to no avail as she catches him easily and tells him she will eliminate him. Freed is shocked as he realizes that she has gained her powers back, the Magic known as Satan Soul.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Natsu Dragneel
  2. Levy McGarden (flashback)
  3. Gajeel Redfox
  4. Mirajane Strauss
  5. Elfman Strauss
  6. Cana Alberona
  7. Freed Justine
  8. Lisanna Strauss (flashback)

Battles & EventsEdit

Magic, Spells, and Abilities usedEdit

Magic usedEdit

Spells usedEdit

Abilities usedEdit

Items usedEdit

  • Sword


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