The Harvest Festival is the 106th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

While Lucy enters the Miss Fairy Tail Competition, The Thunder God Tribe wipes out a Dark Guild. They seem to look forward to some plans while Fantasia is being prepared.


Ms. Fairy Tail Contest Announcement

Miss Fairy Tail Contest

Lucy is still thinking of a way to pay her rent on her way home with Plue, after she finished her daily activities, she lies down on her bed, only to find Natsu and Happy already there. Happy asks for Lucy to give them back Natsu’s scarf and explains that it was from Igneel. Lucy and Happy talk about the strongest Mages of Fairy Tail and what would happen if a tournament took place. Before going home, Happy, knowing about Lucy’s financial trouble, gives her a flyer of the Miss Fairy Tail contest, in which the winner gets 500,000 Jewel. Lucy decides to participate.

Elsewhere, in the town of Shirotsume, Laxus' personal guards, the Thunder God Tribe wipe out the entire Ghoul Spirit Guild, claiming that they are too weak to be considered a guild. They speak of something that Laxus is about to do with much anticipation.

Meanwhile, Mirajane and the master are making preparations for the Fantasia Parade and after learning that Laxus is in town, Makarov recalls of the time when Laxus was young, and about his love and respect for Fairy Tail.

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