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Celestial Spirit Statistics

Celestial Spirits Statistics (星霊データ Seirei Dēita) is a page in Volume 4 of Fairy Tail containing information on the statistics of some of the Celestial Spirits, provided by Hiro Mashima.[1]


Stamina Stamina refers to how long a Celestial Spirit can fight or exert itself over an extended period of time.
Offense The offensive capability of the Celestial Spirit.
Defense The defensive capability of the Celestial Spirit
Summon How much Magic Power it takes to summon and maintain the Celestial Spirit's presence.
Aquarius - Close up
Stamina 250
Offense 388
Defense 275
Summon 100
160 Stamina
200 Offense
154 Defense
52 Summon
Taurus Avatar
Cancer - Close up
Stamina 147
Offense 176
Defense 179
Summon 51
121 Stamina
164 Offense
84 Defense
43 Summon
Virgo - Close up
Horologium Avatar
Stamina 85
Offense 33
Defense 133
Summon 16
54 Stamina
62 Offense
81 Defense
18 Summon
Lyra - Close up
Plue Avatar
Stamina 8
Offense 2
Defense 3
Summon 1


  1. Fairy Tail Manga: Volume 4, Bonus Content

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