Cappuccino's Bar is a bar owned by Lord Cappuccino.


This bar is situated in the riverside town of Mone.


Amelie approaches Gildarts

Female companionship is offered

Cappuccino's Bar appears to be quite a sophisticated place, hiring waiters and females to work as drinking companions for the patrons. Despite this affluent facade, Cappuccino is not above actually keeping slaves or at least being involved in human trafficking and child labour to obtain workers for his bar.[1] This bar also relies heavily on alcohol imports from across the river, with Cappuccino actually having to hire a Mage from a Mage Guild to exterminate Unicol, because of whom passage across the river had become nigh impossible.[2]


Cappuccino room

Cappuccino's office

Cappuccino's Bar has the appearance of being quite a posh place. Besides the normal stools in front of the bar, the room has sofas and couches for the comfort of its patrons. Chandeliers can be seen hanging from the ceiling and flower vases atop ornate stands brighten the atmosphere. The wooden floor has a simple carpet with trimmings covering a large part, yet the whole bar is not carpetted. Like all bars, the wall at the back is lined with all that the bar offers, from bottles to whole barrels of different alcoholic beverages. Wooden beams and pillars are noticable in the structure.[2]

A private room exists for Cappuccino, where he can receive guests, who may sit on a couch placed in the middle of the room. Like the main bar, this room is also partially carpetted. Cappuccino himself sits at a simple wooden desk at one end of the room, facing the aforementioned couch. A wooden cabinet with a vase and books placed on it in a neat line can be seen to his left and a wooden cupboard to his right. The room also seems to have many large rectangular windows.[2]


The male waiters in the bar appear to have a prescribed uniform. They wear a dark waistcoat over a formal collared full-sleeved shirt with button cuffs. A neat bow-tie can be seen at the neck. Dark formal trousers and shoes complete the outfit, with a white apron tied at the waist and reaching the waiter's knees.[3]


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