Lord Cappuccino (カプチノ Kapuchino) is a former lord of the feudal town of Mone and the owner of Cappuccino's Bar.


Cappuccino is a short and stout man. He is bald and has black sideburns. Veins are clearly outlined on his pate, becoming quite prominent when he is agitated. He has a thick neck. Dark bags can be seen under his eyes. His forehead sports a strange black dot.[1]

He dresses in a formal attire consisting of a black suit with a collared white shirt inside. A simple black tie hangs from his neck and is tucked inside the suit. Black trousers and shoes complete his outfit.[1]


Cappuccino is an extremely commercially-minded person. For the sake of his bar, he is willing to even engage in human trafficking and child labour. He also refuses to provide his younger servants education. He appears to tolerate the maltreatment of the females working for him by his own male employees[2] and considers the women as his own property.[3] Even when he does something which appears to be for the sake of his town, ulterior motives are involved, such as when he was willing to pay a large sum for the suppression of Unicol. But his real concern was that the monster had halted all alcohol imports into Mone, making things difficult for his bar.[4]

He is extremely tenacious and is unwilling to give up anything that he considers his own, going so far as to chase a renowned Mage like Gildarts Clive deep into the waters infested by Unicol just to recover his slaves.[5] His greed also knows no bounds as, before his arrest, he had turned the entire town of Mone into his personal property, even defying the Kingdom in order to do so.[6]


Pre-Ice TrailEdit

Cappuccino bought Amelie and Mary as workers for his bar when they were sold in order to settle their parents' debt.[7]

Ice TrailEdit

Cappuccino room

Cappuccino and Gildarts discuss Unicol's repression

In his private office in his bar, Cappuccino discussed his request regarding the extermination of Unicol with Gildarts and warned him that many had failed before. Complaining that the monster's presence was putting a stopper on their alcohol imports, he told Gildarts that it normally surfaced at night, so he should rest and have some drinks on the house until then, an offer which the Mage galdly accepted. The Lord then left his guest in Amelie's care.[4]

Afterwards, he was shocked to see the Mage kidnap Amelie, ignorant to the fatc that Amelie had requested that he free her sister from Cappuccino, which Gildarts had decided to do by escaping the city with both sisters and Gray.[8] He tried to threaten Gildarts into handing the girl over. But when this failed, he ordered the male employees of the bar to attack the abductor, only for him to jump out a window and run hellbent for the docks while carrying his three companions.[1]

Realizing that no normal human could match Gildarts' speed, Cappuccino called over Milk Boy and ordered him to follow their target employing his Super Hi-Hi, with himself astride the man.[9] They soon caught up to the Mage, Cappuccino spewing insults at Gildarts, only for the duo to crash into a a wall of ice created by Gray, apparently ending the chase.[10]

Cappuccino arrested

Cappuccino tries to protest his arrest

But Cappuccino did not give up, following the group into the river aboard his own boat. Sighting an opportunity when his targets were stranded due to Unicol's attack, he immediately ordered Milk Boy to attack.[5] But, as the battle proceeded, Milk Boy proved to be no match for Gildarts, who knocked him straight into Unicol's mouth, much to Cappuccino's distress.[11] Cappuccino himself was sent flying when Gildarts used his Magic on the river itself to create a temporary dry depression in order to give Gray a chance to defeat Unicol.[12]

Soon after Unicol's defeat, Cappuccino and Milk Boy were captured and tied up in their own boat by Gildarts, who used it to escort Cappuccino's former slaves and Gray to the western bank.[13] Once there, Cappuccino was immediately arrested by the Army for the crime of taking over Mone in complete defiance of the Kingdom.[14]


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