Bustermarm (バスターマアム Basutā Maamu) is an Edolas Magic Item formerly used by Panther Lily, until it was destroyed by Gajeel Redfox during their confrontation.[1]


Bustermarm is an extremely large and characteristic sword, being roughly four times its owner's size. The blade is straight and double-edged, with the cutting edges being far lighter than the dark, flat and massive part between them. It starts as “smaller” near the hilt, and then extends outwards in a pair of large protrusions, before barely reducing its width again in the rest of it. The most particular aspect of this sword is its hand-guard: it takes the form of a large, monstrous feline head, with round eyes (portrayed as glowing, red Lacrima crystals in the anime), long ears acting as an added protection of sort, and a line of massive teeth on its lower end, in the direction of the hilt, which is covered in leather strips and quite thin in comparison to the weapon’s blade, but keeping up with it in length. The pommel at its end is supposed to complement the handguard, and thus takes roughly the form of a round, feline lower jaw, complete with massive teeth pointing upwards on its edges.[2]


Bustermarm is able to easily cut through earth with little force put behind it,[3] and it was also said by Panther Lily to be capable of cutting through iron. However, as Gajeel Redfox pointed out, the Iron Dragon's Scales that he manifests aren’t made of "ordinary iron", and, as such, proved resistant against the weapon.

While introduced as already in its standard form in the manga,[4] the sword was initially portrayed as consisting of simply its large hilt in the anime. Once its abilities were activated, the lacrimas on its handguard glowed red, and the blade appeared and lengthened.[5]


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