Bora's Yacht is an unnamed yacht that Bora and his minions used to own and operate.[1]


As a boat, Bora's Yacht had no stable location.

Exterior Design

Bora's Yacht is a large, highly decorative, blue-colored yacht with at least four floors visible from the outside. It is composed in part of wood and has dozens of windows that are located on all sides of the massive ship. The deck of the ship is composed of wood.[2]

Interior Design

Naturally, a yacht has many rooms however only one of these rooms was seen in Bora's yacht. It was a small room that he was talking with Lucy in. It was a relatively large room with wood floors and light blue walls. There is a fireplace in the room, a cabinet and a few chairs. The room is missing one wall and that space is covered by a curtain and behind that curtain is another large room.[2]


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