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Bomb Magic is an unnamed Caster Magic and Holder Magic involving the use of bombs.


Bomb Magic revolves around the manifestation of various types of bombs. These bombs are normally in the form of spheres[1] or glyphs[2] and can be set by the user to explode immediately or after a certain amount of time. When a timer is set, a clock with only one hand appears on the surface of the sphere or the glyph and the bomb explodes once the hand completes one full revoultion around the clockface.[2][3]

The user can not only use this Magic for offensive purposes, but can also use the explosive force of the bombs to accelerate themselves.[4] There appears to be no limit to the number of bombs that the user can summon at a time.[1] But, once triggered, the bombs are as lethal to the user as to the enemy.[5]


Nez's SpellsEdit


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