Bomb Curse is an unnamed Curse that involves explosions.


Bomb Curse

Jackal using his Curse to destroy the town

Bomb Curse lies completely in the use of explosions, which can be triggered remotely[3] or upon direct contact,[4] and are usually on a very grand scale.[5] The user can also create bombs, which can be done by either trapping people in explosive spheres or by creating an intricate seal on the ground, which acts as a motion-sensing explosive.[6] In addition, anyone that makes physical contact with the user becomes "cursed", with odd symbols appearing on the attacker's body in reference to how many times the user was directly struck. These symbols turn the attacker into a living bomb and detonate without any prompt from the user.[7] Also, as per their ability to turn whatever they desire into a bomb, the user's own body is not excluded from this, and by sacrificing their own life, they can create an explosion that can decimate a large town.[8] Above all, however, the user's explosions involve heat and are almost completely useless against those who can consume it, such as Fire Dragon Slayers,[9] though depending on the severity of the explosion, damage can still be taken.[10]


Jackal's Spells Edit

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