Blue Crimson (双竜の鎗(ブルー・クリムソン) Burū Kurimuson) is a form of the Magic Spear: Ten Commandments.


Blue Crimson - Fire

Red Spear on Fire

Unlike the other forms of the Ten Commandments, the shape of the Ten Commandments' Blue Crimson's head and grip change tremendously, with one of the twin spear being blue and the other spear red. The blue spear's pommel gains the appearance of a triangular-shaped diamond with silver outline encompassing a dark blue color. The head of the spear takes the form a plain, sharp triangular blade, with simple ornaments on it. The red spear has an uncanny resemblance to its twin, except that the blue colors are replaced with red ones. Around the head of the blue spear, ice is accumulated, as so is fire around the head of the red spear.[1]

Special Features

Combined Fire and Ice Attack: A spear that divides into two, one attacks with fire and one attacks with ice. The user can combine the twin spears to attack the opponent(s) with both fire and ice simultaneously.[2]


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