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  • Solstice962

    -If Natsu is a demon, then it only makes sense that the one thing that could end him would be an angel. Which in the Fairy Tail world, would be a person who is the closest in touch with the heavens, meaning a celestial wizard... meaning Lucy. thus, Lucy is the only one who can kill Natsu...-

    First, I would like to admit that this is not an original theory! All credit goes to the rightful owner. I just felt that this theory should be shared. And just putting it out there, if a dragon slayer who has used their magic their entire life can't kill a dragon, then why would Gray be able to use demon slayer magic to kill a demon, when he has next to no experience...?

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  • Dtar

    Dragon Force Theory

    January 9, 2017 by Dtar

    Ok, I know how ridiculous this might sound but hear me out here. I will state facts then my theory based on what we know.

    First, dragon force gives a huge increase in power Second, when a dragon slayer enters dragon force they get more dragon like in appearance. Third, Acnologia can turn into a dragon (theory will get into why this is relevant). Fourth, entering dragon force is somewhat challenging for 1st gen (maybe with 3rd gen as well but we don't know how they first entered dragon force), either then need to be pushed to an edge emotionally or eat high-density magic of their element (or a combination of both). Fifth, dragon force has been described as a power to defeat a dragon, but we learn later that even if they do, they can still lo…

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  • Squedswag

    I rewatched an episode of my favorite arcs in fairy tail and I saw something interesting in episode 85 the Edolas arc


    You can see natsu's magic being sucked out of his body and as you can see the color for natsu's dragon slayer magic is looked different it was not orange it was purple. To me it looked like black-arts magic is the one being sucked out not his dragon slayer magic.

    So, it is possible that natsu would be still be alive even if he kills Zeref because his demon like magic got sucked out or it is just a mistake that the studio made.

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  • CoolJazzman

    Spriggan 12 Voice Seiyuu

    December 28, 2016 by CoolJazzman

    Just for fun, I thought it would be interesting pick who I think would be the best choice to voice the Spriggan 12, and I will explain why, so are straightforward while others will be further explained:

    August: Takayuki Sugō, because given how wise and badass August has proven himself, he deserves to be voiced by someone who has voiced many wise and badass characters, and the only one I can think who hasn't yet voiced for Fairy Tail, would be Takayuki Sugō. Who has done the voices for Old Man Zangestu from Bleach (And technically Yhwach if the series ever returned), Hashirama Senju from Naruto, Shiryuu from One Piece and Jirocho Doromizu from Gintama. All extremely badass characters, some wise, some ruthless all badass.

    Ajeel: Ryōhei Kimura, due to Kimura r…

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  • Godofwar99

    As we know Erza's mother, Irene Belserion was the queen of the dragons before Acnologia arrived. With Erza's birth, does this crown Erza as the princess of the dragons considering her mother? I mean with her mother being a dragon, it's possible Erza is half-dragon or a dragon mutant.

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  • Wrath022

    Okay, so let's start with the fact that this was also supposed to be a double issue, the actual issue for this week goes on sale on Wednesday, the 28 of December. Chapter 516 isn't supposed to come out, if I'm right (pending a reply from Mangastream, or tomorrow's raws) until January 11, 2017 if it is. If I'm wrong, it is supposed to be January 4. Either way, do you see how fucked up that is? Yes? No? Whatever. I'm annoyed already because of how massively and blatantly illegal this is, but since there's no stopping Yonkou shit from getting on the wiki, here it is.

    Sooooo the cover is just Lucy again. She may be my third favorite female character, but the covers are starting to annoy me with how simple they are. They're all predominantly the same.…

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  • Miskos3

    Hello, hello! First of all, I'd like to wish happy holidays to each of you reading this blog. Regardless of what you want to celebrate, whether it's winter or summer for you, I hope that you all have fun with your free time, get some deserved break from work or school and spend some quality times with your loved ones. Secondly, I'd like to, once more, shout a loud Happy birthday to my fellow admin and a great friend, who turned older yet again just 2 days ago. Man, we sure are getting closer to that age when maintaining erection may become an issue...

    Ahem. And finally, to the main point of the blog. As it has seemingly become a tradition, the wikia users get together to discuss anime every season. As shocking as it may sound, we actually do wa…

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  • Dispelling Mage

    Hoe hoe hoe, hoes! Guess what? It is time for a small pre-Christmas Special. Me and our good man Dex came up with the idea of making a couple of polls to see your opinions and thoughts during this season of the year. So, without any further ado, let us begin!

    A very basic question here, but...

    ...we ain’t done just yet. We actually have a small pre-Christmas present of ours, to cheer y’all up a bit. So, have a look at the following. Shan't regret it, promise you that! :D

    And that being said, we hope you enjoy the rest of this year and after it. And as always, leave us a comment if there’s something you wish to add. ;)

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  • IamJakuhoRaikoben

    Okay, so I loved this chapter. It's one of the few this entire arc that I enjoyed from start to finish. I don't really care much for Irene, but I must admit her backstory moved me. I was a bit worried when we figured out Irene was from the past that we could be in for some major bullshit, but I think Mashima pulled this off pretty well. Mashima has never been one to plan his manga, so his plot developments can be kinda hit or miss. With that being said, it's nice when something that he thinks up works, for the most part, well in the narrative. Irene's backstory really deepens her character for me. Given all the pain and suffering Irene had to endure, it's no wonder that she's a psychotic bitch now. Not to get too deep and philosophical, bu…

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  • Miskos3

    Well, an unexpected leak has allowed us to read the new chapter literally a whole week before it's supposed to be officially out. Lovely, huh?

    Anyway, the chapter was pretty awesome, actually, however, given my current mental state (thanks college), I'm unable to type too much or even.. think.

    I'm just going to say that Irene has gotten one of the best backstories we've seen in a long, long time. And I don't even see the plotholes that people will surely want to talk about, probably the only major one being Acnologia not recognizing Irene as a Dragon. Which, I'm sure, she was able to mask by now, or even enchant away.

    So yes, it's been some time since we've gotten a legit villain that's not just there, being a 1D character. And I'm pretty happy …

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  • Watermaiden15

    In the recent Fairies' Christmas OVA, we see a scene in it where Lucy's apartment in Magnolia apparently has a new bathtub in it. I prefer the design of this new tub than the one she originally had but my question is why would they do this? What's the point of changing the design of an established location just for this minor scene in an OVA?

    My theory is that since Lucy's apartment was destroyed by Brandish in the currently running Alvarez Empire arc, it later gets rebuilt in the aftermath of it and the bathroom gets a new tub in this apartment remodeling.

    This isn't an absurd idea, a new redesigned location has been hinted already in the past. The Fairy Tail guild's newer building after the Grand Magic Games arc was actually first seen in …

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  • Ncduru

    Volume 58, 59, Artbook extras

    December 19, 2016 by Ncduru

    It's been alot of art stuff recently released by Hiro and thought it would be a good idea to make a blog for it

    Volume 58

    • Extras drawings
    • Natsu vs. Mavis OVA HD

    Volume 59

    • Afterstory to Fairies' Christmas
    • Mira/Lucy Interview + Afterword


    • Cover/panels It's mainly color covers from the manga and anime

    All credits to tumblr, mangahelpers. Volume 60 will be released on March 17th. Only thing left is the Christmas OVA to be released, if you find anything though else post it here. Enjoy

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  • LegerPrime


    December 18, 2016 by LegerPrime

    Since Historia of the Dead was introduced, there were so many dead characters I was hoping Neinhart would bring back. SPOILER ALERT!

    Now that he's defeated, I doubt we'll being seeing anymore Historias. That would be disappointing. Anyway, I thought I'd share my list of characters whose Historia I think should('ve) be(en) brought back.

    • Igneel - Obviously. First off, that'd be one way Natsu could re-obtain Igneel's power used for Fire Dragon King Mode.
    • Future Lucy - It would've been awesome if Neinhart brought her back before Natsu discovered Lucy was alive. Then Natsu, in E.N.D. form, would scream "Which one are you? Which one are you!?!"
    • Zirconis - The Jade Dragon was resurrected twice in the series. First time, by Wendy's Milky Way. Second, b…
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  • Yuri Rozu

    This is a bit weird but I'm doing 2 chapters for this one.

    Chapter 513 Flower Circle

    Well...Sting won the fight with Rahkeid... That's cool.

    I can't believe Irene gave Erza a flower circle. Bruh...that's for little kids. I have to admit that I laughed once I found out what a flower circle actually was.

    Now onto the Irene and Erza related stuff... Oh my gosh. Irene is Erza's mother! I mean people have been saying that for a while but it's good to actually know for sure. Well some people also said that Irene could be Erza's sister but we know that's wrong now.

    I also can't believe that she was the queen of dragons... That's so freaking cool...

    Chapter 514 The Dragon Seed

    And apparently Erza is somewhat related to what happened 400 years ago as well…

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  • Miskos3

    Hmmm, by all means, this was a pretty good chapter on all fronts. I'm definitely into this flashback and I actually love that we have a villain so closely tied to the history of the series' world. I'm also all into learning more about Erza's origins, however, I do have to wonder what is Hiro's intention in regards to Erza when it comes to the newest information. You see, whenever a main character of this series met up with their parent, the result was a power-up for them and more relevancy for the story. Looking at you Gray. So the only conclusion I can make is: Mashima wants to make Erza relevant in the upcoming battle against Acnologia.

    And I'm not sure if I like that. Again, this is all a speculation on my part, as it seems like we're on…

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  • CNBA3

    "Power of Feelings" Explained

    December 11, 2016 by CNBA3

    Before I begin I would like to state that I do not care about if people accept that Power of Feelings are a thing and that it is cringe worthy to them, that is their business or personal opinion, but for those that doesn't think, or they deny that Power of Feelings is a real force or that people shouldn't use it, that is what brings up many problems.

    Now, onto the main subject, Power of Feelings may seem like a convenient plot device or PIS (to other verses that doesn't respect their own rules or usage of powers), but in this case for Fairy Tail, Power of Feelings is basically the most intricate part of Magic System, before talking about the One Magic, its basic overview is that Magic is the physical embodiment of one's spirit, when the ph…

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  • IamJakuhoRaikoben

    Sup peeps. It's been awhile since I've done a review, but I had some free time on my hands and I liked this chapter, so I figured what the hell. :P Most of the chapter was insignificant, so I'm just going to jump right into the meat of the chapter. Irene is Erza's mother. Not exactly a shocker, but I don't think she's Erza's mother in a traditional way. I think Erza is a "creation" of hers. Perhaps via some kind of advanced enchantment or something? Idk, but that's the feeling I got. The more interesting reveal in this chapter is that Irene was apparently the Queen of Dragons. O____O KHALEESI BITCHES!!!! Lol, jokes aside, this is about the most interested in Irene that I've been in a while and it raises soooo many fucking questions. Was Er…

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  • B214

    Chapter 513: Hanamaru

    December 5, 2016 by B214

    It feels like the role of other guilds are pretty much done now along with Larcade, so much for the Top 3 and can only be defeated by his mother. At least it ended well for Sabertooth and Mermaid Heel unlike a certain independent guild. Mashima shouldn't have introduced Crime Sorcière? Can someone actually give me a reason on why Jellal, Erik and Sorano should be alive or out of prison storywise besides Erza, Kinana and Yukino which is pointless shipping and family relations. I don't see why they should be around at all. They didn't couldn't beat a single enemy, they didn't have a major role in the war and this is the group that wants to defeat Zeref.

    Then we're back to Erza + Wendy vs Irene. They're mother and daughter as expected. Not sur…

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  • FairyNonTail

    Chapter 513

    December 4, 2016 by FairyNonTail

    Guys, what happened to Chapter 513? There's already a lot of spoilers since Friday and it's already late Sunday and the chapter isn't out yet. What the hell is happening?

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  • Miskos3

    Alright, so even though we still lack a legit version of the OVA, for those who already watched the LQ one on youtube (lel), I figured we should have a little discussion. The raw is finally out so hopefully a legit fansub group picks it up soon.

    Anyway, as everyone familiar with the omake that this OVA is based on would imagine, a part of this OVA has the stamp of fanservice. Boy, and they didn't tone anything down. Not only the omake is adapted basically 100% accurately, they even added the part from the actual manga which was censored in the original anime: post-Sun Village hot springs scene at Warrod's place. Just at the FT guild. And without Gray. Oh well.

    As for the rest of the OVA, I was actually surprised to see that they tried to put…

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  • SunbrownFi

    Discussed 1 year ago...
    Serious planning a few months ago...


    As some of you may know, Ultra came down to Singapore! \( ^_^)/. And we had a super awesome time! \(^_^ )/

    Hey everyone!

    I hope you're all having a good day. I'd like to start this blog off by ruining your day and telling you this part is actually written by Ultra. Why? Well, as the title of this blog says, this is about Fi and I going to Anime Festival Asia, Singapore.

    For those of you who didn't know, I recently visited Singapore and met up with Fi. We went to a lot of attractions like the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios Singapore and of course, Anime Festival Asia.

    It's a 3-day event filled with artists, c…

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  • Yuri Rozu

    This one is most likely late but oh well...

    The fight between Sting and Rahkeid intensifies! We see yet another character inflict pain on themselves to try and withstand Rahkeid's magic. And then Rogue want's Sting to enter the shadows!? That's crazy...but it worked!

    And... I forgot about Kagura's gravity magic. I keep forgetting stuff. Maybe I should go back and watch Fairy Tail... Eh...maybe some other time.

    Sting just used a different version of his "Rough Silk" attack to defeat Rahkeid. Oh my freakin goodness... I wasn't sure if Sting was going to win.

    They go back to the Natsu's Heart thing and then the "tour guide" is now Rogue. When Rogue asked why a scarf made out of Igneel's scales look white, I had to stop and think about it too.


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  • Panemorfos

    Fairy Tail sales 2016

    December 1, 2016 by Panemorfos

    Fairy Tail Ranking and Sales 2016

    Well, for those who don't know, this is the time of the year that the sales and rankings are announced. Fairy Tail went up 2 placescompared to last year (13th this year and 15th last year). However, this doesn't mean that it sold more this year. Frankly, last year sold 700.000 copies more than 2016, with 3.472.121 last year and 2.719.478. So, what's your opinion on this? Were you surprised? Did you expect more or less sales for Fairy Tail?

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  • Miskos3

    I'll keep my thoughts short:

    • I'm very much happy with Sting's showing off in the last few chapters. Honestly, this is what Rogue should've done against Bloodman, in terms of showing off. Other Dragon Slayers, not just Natsu, need the hype if they all are supposed to face Acnologia eventually.

    • However, at the same time, Larcade was rather disappointing. :'D His speeches about how he can even defeat Acnologia seem about as relevant as the Twin Dragons hyping themselves up back at the start of the GMG.
    • As for the fight itself, I liked it a lot! I also like that Sting didn't know how to use the shadows from get-go - looking at you Gajeel. Kagura's assistance was awesome, too! I loved the teamplay tbh.

    • Meanwhile, Natsu is still dying... I'm not sur…
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  • Yuri Rozu

    Wow I did the one for chapter 510 earlier today and now I'm doing another one...

    Anyway I guess that explains why Rahkeid smells so much like Natsu... According to Rahkeid Natsu is also Zeref"s son "in a way". So basically... Natsu is Zeref's brother BUT he's also his son if you look at it in a certain way. I guess it's because Zeref brought back Natsu. I don't blame Sting for saying that it seems confusing.

    The fight between Sting and Rahkeid has made me come to conclusion. Rahkeid has some weird powers. First it's pleasure, then it's hunger, and now "R.I.P"? Come on...

    ...I really didn't like seeing them do that to each other. At first I thought it was kinda funny but now it's It's like they turned into ghouls for a bit...

    I rea…

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  • Miskos3

    First, some news, courtesy of Yonkou: Mashima will draw an 'after-story' to the Christmas Omake which will be a part of the OVA releasing in December, with the special volume 59.

    Now, onto the chapter. Which, imo, turned out much better than I expected. Sting is more unlucky than Jesus, getting crucified for the second time... Ha. In any case, we finally get more explanations on what Larcade's Magic does, it revolves around the 3 main pleasures of a human: sex, food and sleep. Which confirms that what Larcade originally did was indeed a virgin detection magic, so to speak. Sucks for y'all in denial. ;)

    Overall, I thought the chapter was pretty cool. Larcade's magic to turn others into Titans man-eaters was rather odd, but hey, after what Larcad…

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  • Yuri Rozu

    Natsu, Gray, and Juvia are EXTREMELY injured. Gray and Juvia will heal but what will happen to Natsu? Will he actually die?!

    Natsu's "heart" area seems weird. Zeref appears to him and shows him all his forgotten memories and then Sting shows up there. What other crazy stuff is gonna happen inside of Natsu's heart?

    And with Rahkeid, it seems like he got the best of everyone. Sting shows up so that's good. It's cool that he can withstand and basically eat Rahkeid's magic. I wonder what will happen...

    I actually forgot all about Sting and Sabertooth for a bit. That fight with Rahkeid reminded me though. But where the heck is Rogue?

    Oh well maybe we'll see him later... What did you guys think about this chapter?

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  • B214

    Chapter 510: Natsu's Heart

    November 14, 2016 by B214

    This is going to be short since i only got three things to talk on this chapter.

    1. Natsu is dying getting another power-up. The thing inside Natsu's heart is probably a wall with the formula: Nakama Pawa + Plot Armor = Unbeatable.
    2. My first impression on Natsu's parents are Laxus and Cana. O_o
    3. Sting is going to lose isn't he. It definitely feels like Natsu will fight Larcade from this chapter.
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  • Yuri Rozu

    August is lecturing Jellal. Come on now... Jellal went from being a crazy person who wanted to "revive" Zeref to a man who just wanted to make up for his past sins. I don't think he should be getting lectured.

    Rahkeid is Zeref's son? Oh my goodness... Ok who did Zeref have a kid with? Wait... Mavis? Ok I'm not even gonna think about that. Mavis needs to answer some questions though. But man that's kinda weird... Natsu's technically an uncle. Wow.

    Anyway Kagura's fighting Rahkeid now. During their fight Kagura bit her tongue to "liberate" herself from Rahkeid's magic. So far this seems like an interesting match. Since Kagura is one of my favorite characters I'm hoping that she'll somehow manage to win this fight. Rahkeid is one of the Sprigga…

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  • Derax-Pagani

    What's good people, so possibly the most left-field battle of the arc just happened between the titular characters. Let's be frank here; who actually predicted that Kagura - Kagura - of all people would be the first to go up against Larcade? I sure as hell didn't.

    Before we get into that though, let's have a gander at how Oracion Sorciere are getting on- Oh... Oh, that's not good. The Oracion lot got totally crushed, not that we didn't already know this, but still. And Jellal's getting curb-stomped by August. *sigh* How many people actually wanted to see Jellal vs. August? I'm pretty sure there were a lot of people, from what I remember, that were praying to see Jellal vs. August as let's face it; in terms of variety of magic that he can use,…

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  • LegerPrime

    Sting v Larcade

    November 4, 2016 by LegerPrime

    An interesting term of events just happened in the latest chapters. SPOILER ALERT! If you're not caught up in the manga or if you're anime only, stop reading. Erza was able to stop, or at least delay, the Gray-Natsu-E.N.D. conflict. Irene and Erza finally meet face-to-face. Larcade descends onto his victims. Rogue and Minerva defeated their opponents, which is disappointing because I was hopping Mirajane and Jenny Realight, a Machina Soul Take Over Mage, would've performed Take Overs on Bloodman (or at least his abilities) and Wall Eehto (or at least his Weakness Magic. When did his name change btw?) respectfully, assuming Take Over Mages can Take Over Historias of the Dead. That'd be an awesome name for a Satan Soul spell: Satan Soul: Miraja…

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  • Yuri Rozu

    I would once again like the say sorry about the mistake I made with the last chapter... Anyway I'm going to get started now...

    The somewhat mysterious man by the name of Rahkeid appears and tries to cast a spell that has...weird side effects... They experience um...pleasure and agony hence the name of the chapter. Seeing Gildarts' face like that brought back some memories. Cana was totally right...

    Anyway Jellal and Crime Sorciere have fallen. I feel so bad for them... But it's not they were defeated by someone weak. They fought August for goodness sake! Oh well... I was wondering what the outcome would be I know...

    I was expecting for the whole "I am you and you are me" thing to be revealed in this chapter but oh well.

    I'm glad that…

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  • IamJakuhoRaikoben

    Sup peeps. It's been awhile since I've done a review, but I had some free time and figured - what the hell. :P The chapter's title is "Pleasure and Agony." I'm assuming the pleasure is from getting to see Lucy in a wet t-shirt on the cover, and the agony is only being able to do so for one page. >__<

    Jokes aside, this chapter was pretty good. Rahkeid has finally descended on the battlefield. And what is his mighty power as one of the 12 Spriggan?.... He gives you an orgasm. :D But not just any orgasm! An orgasm so intense you die from it... I'd be upset if I wasn't so busy laughing my ass off!! XD Lol, I'd like to meet this fellow one day. If I'm going to die at least let me die happy. XD But no seriously, it's a unique Magic to say the le…

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  • Miskos3

    Is there ever a good chapter of Fairy Tail and in spite of you being well aware of Mashima's ways, you unconsciously hype yourself for the upcoming chapter, hoping it will be about as nice? Well, here goes Fairy Tail Chapter 508: Pleasure and Pain, guilty of this syndrome. Also, this is another case of spoilers giving off a slightly different vibe than the chapter itself, but that's not exactly relevant. So let's start!

    First, we go back to our lovely Foddertooth. This is probably one of the worst things to happen to them. They don't even know if they defeated their opponents. The cause seems to be a combination Neinhart getting KO'd and Makarov's Fairy Law. But well, at least it was nice seeing you again, guys...

    And... let me get this straight…

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  • HollowIchigo58

    I swear to god....

    October 29, 2016 by HollowIchigo58

    I swear to god, if Gray and Juvia are back to square one again after the recent chapters, I will want to punch Hiro Mashima right in his throat.

    Im saying this because im getting really sick and tired of this constant jerking with with them and Gray being a douch to Juvia.

    Does anyone agree?

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  • Glen Gable

    Irene said that Erza is not some of her relative, but "Erza herself"? How might it be?

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  • Yuri Rozu

    I love how the thing about Erza crying during the Tower of Heaven Arc pops up again. To be honest I really love that moment. Erza isn't exactly one to cry so it can be a little bit of a surprise when you DO see her cry. Natsu didn't want to see that though. He didn't ever want to see Erza cry again.

    I'm also glad that Erza said "Take a good look! Tell me what it is you see! An enemy?! A comrade?!" because they really need to stop and think. They've been friends ever since they were little and now their friendship is about to broken. After all those years they can't just let it end. Erza won't allow that.

    They had a very sweet moment together. They all shared memories together...even those baths that Erza mentioned. And then the ships meet! G…

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  • Zeref Fullbuster


    October 24, 2016 by Zeref Fullbuster

    Ouestions and Answers: This blog is for questions and answers either for characters, games, crossovers, theorys or fanon.

    • If there's a Natsu Dragion could there be a Zeref Dragion?
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  • Derax-Pagani

    Chapter 507: Voice

    October 24, 2016 by Derax-Pagani

    S'up, I'm back by popular demand. And by popular I mean Sane and DM wanted me to do a review again. ( ._.)


    Well, not regarding the main group that is. Main reason I've not made a blog on the most recent chapters was because I didn't feel there was anything worth reviewing. Today however, that changes because finally we get to see Oracion Sorciere actually do shit! \( ^_^)/

    And immediately proceed to get mollywhoped... By August. The man's finally doing something, huzzah!

    Anyway, that's it. I'mma nap. Discuss, have fun, enjoy, bitch, whinge or argue. I don't care which.

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  • Yuri Rozu

    Yes I know that I'm SUPER late with this but I just couldn't skip this one.

    Man...Makarov died... Well I guess it was either him than any other character. I mean Makarov is a good character. He's a father figure to the people in his guild and will do anything to protect them, as seen in manga chapters 505 and 506. I just like a lot of other characters and I would be totally mad if they died. Yeah I would get over it eventually but still...

    The fight between Natsu and Gray got INTENSE. After a while Erza interrupts the fight. I bet she's feeling like "While you two were fighting our master just died!" I'm glad Erza was the one who interrupted their fight though. I think that she was the perfect person. I don't know how I would've felt if anyo…

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  • Miskos3

    Yaaaaas. Erza Scarlet, the best character in this manga. ಠ◡ಠ

    Honestly, I'm very happy with how this chapter turned out. I'm not sure if there is a fight in this manga, with a base idea behind it that I'd dislike more. In other words, all this time, I've highly hoped for Natsu vs. Gray to be stopped by any means possible. (Although, if the circumstances were any different, I'd say that the choreography of the fight in this chapter was pretty awesome). And what's even better, it was The Queen of Fairies that steps in. And not Juvia or Lucy.

    There seem to be quite a few people who will call Erza's barehanded block a bullshit, but I wholeheartedly disagree with that notion. She took a lot of damage from the magical/demonic properties of their atta…

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  • Mark Wowdwod

    Regarding Irene Belserion and Larcade Dragneel, I make a poll.

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  • VioletDawnstar

    Fairy Tail OC

    October 9, 2016 by VioletDawnstar

    Hey guys I'm Violet Dawnstar I'm a Fairy Tail OC from wattpad please go read my book on wattpad its called True Twin Dragon Slayers I hope to see you there.

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  • Yuri Rozu

    I like how on the chapter cover Lucy's cup is covering Carla's mouth.

    Anyway Irene uses yet another spell and it makes their troops stronger. Makarov then tries to use Fairy Law. As soon as I saw that I thought "What? You're bringing it out now?" Well now I know why he didn't use it. Apparently if you're trying to cast Fairy Law on a large amount of enemies then it will take away some of your life or even all of it. I guess that makes sense. I mean Mavis used Law and it had a negative(If you see it that way) effect on her...

    And yeah...Makarov uses Fairy Law... Maybe Mashima didn't want anyone else to die because he had already planned out the death of Makarov.

    I thought that what he said to Mavis was a bit much. She sees them as friends not …

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  • Miskos3

    Damn, what a chapter! The Alvarez Empire proves that they are worth the hype! The Spriggan 12 band together to build a wall around the Fairy Tail guild and they even have them pay for it... You get it? Trump Card? Ha.. haha hahaha.. no. Let's ignore this bad joke that's been circling around for a while anyways. *Ahem*

    First of all, for those who aren't aware, the person that used to release the Fairy Tail spoilers (among others), YonkouProd, has now started translating the whole chapter and it looks like that puts us back to Friday releases. For how long this is gonna be happening, I dunno, but I guess it's nice to have the chapter at the end of a week.

    PROVIDED THE CHAPTER IS ACTUALLY GOOD. I mean... As much as this chapter was great, that onl…

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  • Fairy Tail Grand Master

    Hey peoples! Long time no see! or was it no talk? interact? communicate? Apparently I haven't been on wiki since August 26th. Why? I started College! \(^_^)/

    FT Wiki : No one cares.

    ( _ _)

    Anyways.... I'm actually nearing the deadline of an assignment but screw it, I needed to type a blog. Oh hey! It's my 7th blog! In the context of this series, that means it is special right?! Destiny even?!

    FT Wiki : GTFO weeb!

    ( ._.)

    Ahem! So I went for a whole month without watching anime or reading my usual manga, because A) need to adjust to America, B) need to adjust to College life and C) need to make friends-

    FT Wiki : Pfft! He thinks he can make friends.


    Uh.... with all that going on, I have had a very uplifting experience. Not even gonna bother loo…

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  • Yuri Rozu

    I'll just be starting right away for this one...

    Gray and Natsu start to battle it out. It seems that Gray certainly isn't going to change his mind. Despite the fact that he knows Natsu is E.N.D. he still wants to kill him. Natsu doesn't stop either. It makes sense though. They both have goals and they're willing to even fight each other just to succeed.

    Oh yeah and Gray still thinks that Juvia is dead... Just wait until he finds out that she didn't really die... Did Natsu think that Lucy died too though?

    It also appears that Irene has activated a new spell of some sort. I've got to admit it seems kinda weird. I mean what would you do if you saw a giant eye in the sky?

    Right after the eye shows up we see a huge Mavis illusion. I didn't see tha…

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  • Miskos3

    Hello! Welcome to the next edition of the blogs discussing the seasonal anime.

    In spite of me saying that... right in the beginning, let me mention something that many probably wouldn't expect me to do. Naruto.

    FT Wiki:

    Nnnnoooo, wait, don't leave yet. Let me just very briefly say that I highly disliked the way that the Naruto series has developed in the last year or two of its run and the nail to the coffin was was the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke, which was more of a forced fanservice with Sasuke changing his mind for the n-th time, rather than something we needed. However. However. After like a year of fillers, the anime is finally reaching the end of the manga adaption and it looks like Studio Pierrot has directed all of its resourc…

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  • LegerPrime

    Hey, everyone. Had another thought that popped in my head. Larcade's magic is somewhat similar to Acnologia's. SPOILER AlERT! Acnologia's Dragon Slayer Magic, according to Grandeeney, has the ability to extract Dragon Souls and, I assume the same goes for, the souls of other living beings. Larcade's magic, as displayed, can lift or "remove" the white souls out of ones' body. And according to Zeref, who called him his "secret weapon", he has the potential to defeat Acnologia. So, I'm starting to get an idea of what his magic is. You all remember when Natsu fought Zancrow. Flame God Slayer Magic trumps Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Together (via the epic Dragon God's Brilliant Flame), is a killer. We don't know what the names of Larcade and Acno'…

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  • B214

    Chapter 504: Rift

    October 1, 2016 by B214

    Hopefully i'm not breaking any policies here. Anyway on to the chapter.

    We now know the cause for this Natsu-Gray mess, waifus. Wow, Mashima hyped the entire Gray issue with E.N.D., the all seemingly important task from his dad, only for it to turn out to be a fight to vent out their frustration over losing their waifus. Silver and Igneel must be proud of Gray and Natsu. -_-

    Lesson learnt here: Never ever trust Mashima with anything that has supposedly good hypes, it'll end up being disappointing. This chapter pretty much allows us to guess how this Natsu-Gray death match can be solved already. Natsu went "berserk" because he thought Lucy's dead. Gray's snapping at Natsu because he thought Juvia's dead. The solution is quite obvious.

    I guess …

    Read more >

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