Biamask (ビアマスク Biamasuke), "The Burning Hero", is a playable character in Fairy Tail Portable Guild Video Game.[1]


Biamask is a tall, dark-skinned, and highly muscular man. He wears a tight, navy blue full body suit. There is a hood-like motif attached to the suit and in the center of that motif is a silver skull with red eyes. On both wrists, there are two crimson cuffs with gold lining, and he wears crimson boots that are lined with beige fabric. He wears a blue mask with very prominent eyes that resemble the eyes of Venom from the Spiderman series.


Biamask is an original character created for this game. He is neither a main character or a main villain and is pretty mediocre at best. His attacks are quite powerful but he is extremely slow in combat and is short ranged. It's hard to get hits in on a boss or nail an acceptable number of grunts at one time. His overall performance is quite poor, however he does have a good amount of HP and defense but that doesn't help much.[1]

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Normal Attack: He is a barehanded attacker whose attacks come in slow intervals. The 4th attack is a juggle, and the finisher is a funky flying body press which takes a while to perform.[1]

Element: Biamask's element in the game is Fire.[1]

Burning Spirit: Each one of Biamask's normal attacks will randomly spout flames, which increases the damage done slightly.[1]

  • Burning Knuckle (バーニング・ナックル Bāningu Nakkeru): This is one of Biamask's default techniques and it costs 1 MP to utilize. He performs a powerful overhead punch that is accompanied by an extremely large flame aura. This attack has a considerably wide area of effect, although the damage caused by it is low and it usually only knocks his opponents back.[1]
  • Burning Double Upper (バーニング・ダブルアッパー Bāningu Daburu Appa): In order to use this technique, Biamask must be at level 30 and this must be purchased in the shop. The attack costs 2 MP to use and Biamask raises both of his fists upwards and small explosions start to appear all over his body. It does multiple hits up close but has a very short range of effect.[1]
  • Burning Sword (バーニング・ソバット): In order to use this technique, Biamask must be at level 36 and this must be purchased in the shop. It costs 2 MP to use and Biamask does a roundhouse kick with a huge flame trail. This attack does decent damage and covers a wide range.[1]
  • Deru Wind Explosion (デル・フィン・エクスプロージョン): In order to use this technique, Biamask must be at level 45 and this must be purchased in the shop. It costs 4 Mp to use and Biamask does a slower version of Natsu Dragneel's Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist with less powerful punches and smaller fire effects. This attack does decent damage when all hits connect, but does not knock grunts/humans away.[1]


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