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Ashita Wo Narase is the twenty-second Opening theme of the Fairy Tail anime; it is performed by Kavka Shishido.

Characters in Order of Appearance


TV Version

kuchibiru wo kami kimi wa

rifujin wo nageku

konna hazu ja nai

namida wo fuita

kireigoto ja dame sa

mamorenai ne kimi wo

namida de nureru michi wo fumeshime

tatakaō ima wo


kokoro wo kimetara furikaeru na

zutto mikata sa boku wa kanarazu

ima sakebe

ima susume yo tachidomarazu ni

mada ikeru sa

mezawarina mayoi wo kechirashi saki he susume

gyutto sono te wo nigirishimete

kiri hirake

takanaru kodō de ashita wo narase

kimi no tame ni tsuyoku naru

yakusoku suru yo

唇を噛み キミは




綺麗事じゃ ダメさ

守れないね キミを


戦おう 今を


心を決めたら 振り返るな

ずっと味方さ ボクは必ず

今 叫べ

今 進めよ 立ち止まらずに


目障りな迷いを蹴散らし 先へ進め



高鳴る鼓動で 明日を鳴らせ

キミの為に 強く成る


You bit your lips

Lamenting the unreasonable

"It shouldn't be like that"

I wipe my tears

"You are simply useless"

"I won't protect you"

And I keep steadily in this way drenched in tears

The fight will be now!

It's alright!

Once you decide your heart, don't look back

My eternal friend, you'll definitely be

Now, scream!

Now, keep ahead, don't stand still!

'Cause, we're still going

Kick out this annoying hesitation and advance to scatter the destination

I tightly hold in your hands

Cut an opening

In the throbbing beat that sounds the tomorrow

I'll become strong for you

And fulfill that promise!


Fairy Tail Zero Opening "Ashita o Orase" (Opening 22)01:30

Fairy Tail Zero Opening "Ashita o Orase" (Opening 22)

Fairy Tail Opening 22 v201:30

Fairy Tail Opening 22 v2



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