Another Trail: Spring Blooms in the Snow is an omake chapter of Yūsuke Shirato's Ice Trail, a spin-off of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Lost in a blizzard in a forest, Gray is saved by a young girl who claims to create seasons for the forest. Suddenly, her latest creation, Cherry Ash, is stolen by the Treasure Hunter Guild Fisher Man's Prize. Gray helps her retrieve it and then the two part ways.


Gray finds himself to be lost in the midst of a seemingly endless blizzard and is soon overwhelmed by its fury. Meanwhile, a group of men lead by a man named Tai wanders about in the same blizzard, searching for treasure.

Gray in Roka House

Gray finds himself in a strange house

Gray regains consciousness in the warmth of a small house. The owner of the house, a young girl named Roka, tells him about their location, the Aba Forest, a forest eternally shrouded by winter. She says that she has the duty of creating the seasons for the forest, having inherited the Magic from her late mentor, reminding Gray of his relationship with Ur. She also shows him her latest creation, Cherry Ash, which is tied in a small cloth.

Suddenly, the makeshift sack is snatched from her by Tai, who reveals that he is part of the Treasure Hunter Guild Fisher Man's Prize. The man claims that Roka's Magic and Spells are considered A-Class Treasures. His group then tries to make a run for it, but they are stopped by Gray, who freezes Tai's leg. Surprised that the boy is a Mage, Tai claims that he is still no Treasure. Gray states that their treasures are inside them, to which Tai responds by trying to trap him in a fishing net. Seemingly successful, he is stunned to see Gray behind him and realizes that the child he caught was just a dummy.

The Ice Mage taunts Tai by showing him the sack of Cherry Ash that he has reclaimed and saying that Tai left too many openings. He then creates a large boat of ice right under his opponents' feet and sends it flying down a slope and off a cliff with a shove of his foot, ending the altercation.

Spring in Aba Forest

Spring blooms in Aba Forest

Later, Roka leads Gray to the forest's exit, then inquires about his future plans. The young boy states that he wants to see more of the world and is currently travelling West, heeding the wish of his master. Roka is surprised to hear that he has a master too, but thinks that they are complete opposites as she would stay in one place forever while he would be a wanderer. But Gray thinks that they are the same as they have both inherited their masters' dreams and are heading towards the future with them, a sentiment Roka agrees with.

The two soon bid farewell to each other and Gray heads off while Roka continues to tend to her duties by spreading the Cherry Ash. As Gray continues out of the forest, he notices the winter receding and is happy to feel spring approaching.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Gray Fullbuster
  2. Tai
  3. Roka
  4. Ur (Flashback)

Battles & EventsEdit

  • None

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