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Animal Soul: Cat (キャット Kyatto) is an Animal Soul Spell.


The user takes on the form of a werecat. In this form, they are mostly humanoid, with longer hair and some amount of striped skin concentrated around their forearms and feline-like pads on the surface of their palms and sharp claws at their finger tips. The user also appears to be garbed in a blue and black striped 2-piece halter bikini while in this state. They also sport feline ears, nose, whiskers, a blue choker that has a round bell on it, and a long tail, but otherwise retains their human features. [1][2]

While Lisanna's hair grew with the transformation when it was first shown in the manga, later transformations kept her short hair like in the anime.[3]

Special FeaturesEdit

Enhanced Speed: While in this form, the user gain some speed increasing their hand-to-hand combat abilities with their fierce scratches from their claws.[4]


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