Amelie (アメリ Ameri) is the elder sister of Mary and a former slave of Cappuccino.


Amelie is a slender young woman with silky and dark hair which daintily frames her face and cascades down her back. While working in Cappuccino's Bar, she wears a black cocktail dress, with the portion below the abdomen being frilled. A shawl is elegantly wrapped around her shoulders and tied into a loose knot at the neck, allowing the ends to flow down the length of the front of her dress. She wears a pair of stiletto shoes and black wristbands on both hands.[1] She also wears a cloth choker and a large rose adorns the right side of her head, neatly tucked into her hair.[2]


As a professional female companion, Amelie is naturally polite and displays excellent manners, enough for Cappuccino to entrust a valuable customer like Gildarts Clive in her care. She is a straightforward girl with clear objectives. Offering to pay Gildarts, she asked him without any hesitation to help her sister escape Cappuccino and lucidly explained their situation. She also has a sense of responsibility towards her sister[3] and has shown a sense of pride, not wanting to be a burden on her relatives.[4]


Pre-Ice Trail

Amelie, along with her younger sister, was sold to Cappuccino in order to pay off their parents' debts. She was forced to work as a female companion in the Mone Lord's bar.[5]

Ice Trail

Amelie approaches Gildarts

Amelie gives Gildarts company

After Cappuccino and Gildarts finished discussing Gildarts' job concerning Unicol's extermination, Cappuccino ordered Amelie to give Gildarts company as the Mage awaited nightfall to commence his mission. The two sat down on a sofa, but Gildarts soon notice the grim expression on the girl's face and asked her the cause. She shifted closer to the man and requested a favour of him. Amelie asked Gildarts whether he could help her younger sister escape Cappuccino's escape. She explained their situation to him; their sale to Cappuccino and Mary's pitiful condition. She was also willing to compensate Gildarts with money she had been saving up.[3]

Escape from Mone

The group heads towards the docks

But Gildarts decided to escape the city with both sisters and grabbed Amelie before jumping out a window. Collecting Gray and Mary, Amelie's younger sister, who happened to be outside the bar, Gildarts set off for the docks.[6] Amelie explained the circumstances to the confused Gray and Mary[7] and reassured her sister, telling her to trust in their saviors.[8]

The party soon reached the dock and boarded the boat meant to help Gildarts find Unicol. Aboard the vessel, Amelie expressed her concern regarding her future to Gildarts, saying that she abhorred to force herself on them, but Gildarts said that he believed she would find a solution, proceeding to tell her that she has to stay beside her sister as she is the only one the child can share her new experiences with. Seeing the truth in Gildarts' words, Amelie tearfully agreed, just as Mary called to her to enjoy the river-breeze with her.[9]

Suddenly, the vessel was assaulted by Unicol. Terrified, Amelie held Mary close to her.[10] As the ship began to sink, they were grabbed by Gildarts and hauled to safety onto a frozen platform created by Gray. But their problems had just begun as Cappuccino and Milk Boy arrived in their own boat to reclaim Amelie and Mary.[11]

Siblings hug

Amelie pulls Mary into a hug

As the battle proceeded, with Gray taking on Unicol and Gildarts facing Milk Boy, Amelie was knocked off the platform by one of Unicol's attacks. Mary managed to catch her, but began to slip herself, but she had bought Gildarts enough time to rescue them. When Mary tearfully requested that Amelie never leave her side and that she would never be a burden for her elder sister, Amelie hugged her and gently stated that she was never a burden, then thanked her younger sister for saving her.[12]

The battle soon ended in the escapees' favor. They took Cappuccino and Milk Boy captive and used their boat to continue their voyage, Amelie allowing Mary to rest against her body throughout.[13] They soon reached the western bank, where the Army arrested Cappuccino and Gildarts took his leave.[14]

Gray bids the siblings farewell

Amelie and Mary say goodbye to Gray

Soon afterwards, the trio arrived at a point where their paths diverged.[15] When Amelie questioned Gray about his future plans, he stated that he wanted to head to Magnolia. But they realized that he did not have the monetary means for this. Fortunately, they happened upon a field of Gold Cotton, which the sisters harvested and gave to Gray, also explaining its worth and vulnerability to water. The sisters then bid farewell to their young savior and went their own way.[16]


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