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Akula (アクーラ Akūra), "The Great White Shark", is a playable character in the video game Fairy Tail Portable Guild.[1]


Akula is a relatively short and slim woman with peach skin and short, black, spiky hair. Her, quite revealing outfit, consists of a red top that is opened wide to reveal her cleavage that is slightly covered by her black and white bra.[1] She wears a pair of tight, red, shorts that, because of their minuscule length, resemble underwear. The shorts have belt loops and in the loops is a black belt with a white buckle. She wears a pair of black leggings that cut off right above her inner thigh and a pair of white boots with sky blue slits on the foot of them. She also wears a pair of white gloves and two metallic bracelet type accessories on both of her upper arms.[1]


Akula is an original character designed for Fairy Tail Portable Guild. She is one of the characters that has a steep effective curve. She starts off very poorly, but gets better towards the end of the game. Her normal attacks deal a large amount of damage and they are also quite fast. In addition, since they consist mostly of kicks, she has a considerable reach. Her overall performance is average, you need to go a long way before she gets decent. After she obtains her final spell its smooth sailing though, and it could easily fill the VT gauge when you hit a tightly packed group of grunts with it. In addition to that, it also deals decent damage to the bosses of the game.[1]

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Normal Attack: She is a barehanded fighter whose attacks come in at quite a decent speed. Her 4th hit is a somersault that juggles, and her finisher is a moonsault kick that takes a while to perform.[1]

Element: Akula's element in the game is water.[1]

Shark Spirit: Each one of Akula's normal attack combos will randomly deal water damage.[1]

  • Shark Bite (シャーク・バイト Shāku Baito): This is one of Akula's default techniques and it costs 1 MP to utilize. She performs a spinning kick that sends a shark-teeth shaped water projectile flying towards her opponents. It knocks the opponent down and deals low damage.[1]
  • Rise Up (ライズアップ Raizu Appu): In order to use this technique, Akula must be at level 30 and this must be purchased in the shop. The attack costs 2 MP to use and Akula performs a fast somersault kick with an image of a shark rising along the attack. The attack juggles and is extremely fast as well as having a very fast recovery. Although it deals low damage.[1]
  • Homing Fin (ホーミング・フィン Hōmingu Fin): In order to use this technique, Akula must be at level 36 and this must be purchased in the shop. It costs 2 MP to use and Akula does a one armed handstand and performs 2 thrust kicks which sends a water projectile that is shaped like a blade towards her opponent. It does decent damage if both projectile hit the same target. It's possible to hit multiple enemies with this attack but its quite hard to do.[1]
  • Karukaro Crest (カルカロクレス Karukaro Kuresu): In order to use this technique, Akula must be at level 45 and this must be purchased in the shop. It costs 4 Mp to use and Akula does a hopping side kick which sends a huge shark forward, and deals a substantial amount of damage to her opponent. It can easily hit multiple targets, and this is Akula's strongest spell.[1]


  • "Akula" (/ɐˈkulə/; Russian: Акула) is Russian for shark.


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