The Akane Mascot is an unnamed, anime-only character who works as the mascot of the famous casino located in Akane.


The Akane Mascot is a relatively tall man who wears a costume that seems to be based on a kind of bird. The costume he wears consists of a large round sky blue colored head, two big eyes, a pair of triangle shaped ears, a crown, and an opened bill with a red tongue and a hole for the head of the wearer. He wears a large purple bow tie with a large white bib that has yellow trimmings that cover half of his upper body. He also wears a round pink ball for pants with a heart design on the front and an aqua bird tail on the back. He also wears two large aqua gloves.[1]


Tower of Heaven arcEdit

Akane after Lucy's kiss

Akane Mascot after Lucy's kiss

While doing his job, the Akane Mascot is trapped into a card with the rest of the visitors and employees by Shô. While trying to get himself out of the card, the Akane Mascot accidentally hits Lucy Heartfilia with a knife. Lucy, trapped by Millianna's ropes, asks him to cut the ropes for her which he does, earning a kiss from her as a reward.[1]

Battle of Fairy Tail arcEdit

Kageyama Karacka and Kaby with wife

The Akane Mascot at Fantasia

The Akane Mascot goes to Magnolia Town to watch the Fairy Tail Mages in the Fantasia Parade.[2]


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