Akane Beach (アカネ Akane Bīchi) is a town very popular among tourists.


Akane Beach is located in the southern part of Fiore.


Akane Beach is the most popular tourist spot in Fiore. Among its many attractions is the giant amusement park, the five-star hotel and the huge sandy beach adjacent to the sea. The hotel houses a casino in its basement where visitors can enjoy themselves.[1]


Locations in Akane Beach
Akane resort - Amusen Park
Amusement Park
Akane Resort - Hotel Room
Akane Resort - Casino


  • Akane is the Japanese word for "madder", a genus of flowering plants, matching the theme of Fiore (Italian for "flower") and some of its locations.
  • Akane Beach was named after SKE48's Akane Takayanagi, after she drew and tweeted a fan art to Hiro Mashima, which he responded by donning her name in the series.[2]


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