Abandoned Mage Hideout is the former residence of an unknown Mage.


The hideout is located in the depths of Lilac Forest. A small path appears to lead to it, but it is not maintained and covered with leaves. The entrance is a cave with the area above and behind it being densely vegetated, so much so that some creepers hang from the roof and the forest encroaches into the cave itself.[1]


Mage Hideout Entrance

Entrance to the hideout

The entrance to the hideout is a long cave which opens out into a clearing. The mouth is quite large and the cave itself has smooth walls, although it does not appear to have any lights as Gray was forced to follow the walls to reach the hideout itself. This also suggests that the cave leads straight to the hideout and does not have any branches.[2] The entrance is closed off when Gray causes the Guardian to go berserk and bring down the roof of the cave.[3]

The hideout itself is a large and cozy room, well lit and furnished. While the lower parts of the walls are made of stones to support the structure, the upper parts appear to be made of wood. The roof consists of plain wooden planks and tough wooden beams can be seen in the upper portions of the walls. Most of the floor is covered by a large carpet. [4] At least two lamps hang from the ceiling and some lamps can also be seen on the walls.[5]

Mage Hideout Interior

Interior of the hideout

The room has two wooden cupboards, one against the far end of the wall to the right of the entrance and the other against the left corner of the wall opposite the entrance. While the former appears to be a bookshelf filled with books, the other is a cabinet containing numerous bottles and a large wooden box above it. A simple desk with a large bottle atop it is placed in front of the cabinet, while the space in front of the bookshelf is occupied by a wooden crate with a utensil on top of it. An opening in the wall, covered by a wooden panel, exists above the crate. An oval mirror with an ornate frame hangs near the opening. A small, round table standing on a single leg is placed in the center of the room, with two chairs beside it.[4] The bookshelf also has a barrel and a large case beside it and a fireplace exists beside the vase. Water can be obtained from a hand pump near the fireplace.[5]

The entire room is in a state of disrepair. The mirror is broken and pieces of debris can be seen lying on the floor. The wooden frame above the fireplace is skewed. Cracks can be seen in the wooden portion of the walls and the planks in the roof have begun to rot.[4][5]


Mage Hideout Guardian

Guardian of the hideout

The hideout is protected by an autonomous Magic Item. Its appearance is akin to a simple, dark cardboard box with circles on each face. A thick, light band runs randomly all over it. The box is divided into two by a jagged line, the two parts capable of opening and closing. This creates the illusion that the box has a mouth. The Guardian is also capable of speech, although its vocabulary appears to be extremely limited.[6] It appears to perceive its surroundings by obtaining optical input through the circles on its faces. But its perception systems seem to be rather crude as it considers anything humanoid to be an enemy, even statues. It also prioritizes the elimination of its targets over the safety of the abode.[7]

Despite its flimsy appearance, the Guardian is quite tough, easily able to withstand the ice attacks of a young Gray and suffering no damage even after being knocked away with a table by Doronbo.[8]


Gray attacked by the Guardian

Guardian's offensive technique

Energy Beams: The Guardian is capable of shooting destructive beams of energy from its 'eyes'. These beams are powerful enough to blast small holes in the ground and can be used in quick succession.[9] The Guardian does not seem to have any limit on the number of times it can use this attack. When it went on a rampage, the attacks were strong enough to cause a cave in.[3]

Flight: The Guardian hovers some distance above the ground and is capable of motion. It is fast enough to keep up with a young Gray Fullbuster.[9]


While on their way to Magnolia, young Mages Gray Fullbuster, Pause Lightless and Doronbo stumbled upon the hideout while exploring Lilac Forest. As they observed the room, they were attacked by the hideout's Guardian and surmised that the room is the former residence of a Mage. As the Guardian proved too much for them to defeat, Gray had Doronbo escape while he and Pause thought of a way to subdue it as leaving it in such an accessible place would be dangerous. Gray had Pause cover the Guardian's optics and then created clones of himself to confuse it. As the two boys escaped, the sentinel attacked the statues and brought down the cave upon itself, forever destroying the dangerous hideout.[10]


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